How Do Surveyors Check For Damp

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Some people believe that there are many things that can cause damp, but the most basic and easiest way to understand how a surveyor checks for damp is through moisture meters. A moisture meter is a measuring instrument that provides an indication of the ambient level of water in the soil. Here is how do surveyors check for damp.

Some people think that their house might be suffering from damp because they can see mould on their walls or feel mildew creeping up their bedroom steps at night. This usually only happens when the house has not had any central heating or hot water system in its previous life and has been built over a damp or poorly drained soil. However, surveyors can also detect the presence of damp if their instruments show an excess of 10% moisture in the soil when they visit your property.

The method used by a surveyor to check for damp is called a soil moisture meter. This is a device that can measure the moisture content in the soil and will show a reading of between 0% and 100% by turning red when it meets the required level of damp. The meter is usually set at 0% to ensure that no moisture has accumulated in the soil since it was last measured. This can be very easy to do because you need only get your water hose, water and maybe some fertilizer or animal feeder close to an instrument that can sense moisture.

how do surveyors check for damp

What is a moisture meter?

A moisture meter is a measuring instrument that provides an indication of the ambient level of water in the soil. By placing the probes into the soil, you can ascertain whether there is an excessive amount of water in it. When this level is over what is called optimum, you will need to take action to alleviate the excess moisture. The greatest level of moisture that an instrument can display is 100%, which means that the level of damp is certainly excessive.

There are different types of soil moisture meter types that are used in the field. These include a variety of soil moisture meters, hand portable instruments, specialized instruments and portable instruments. The most widely used type is the handheld soil moisture meter, while they are also available as portable instruments and specialist tools.

The Numerous Advantages of Getting Hardwood Floors

Ceramic and Porcelain Floor Maintenance Problems

Many types of floorings are available in the market today, all of which are amazing in quality. There are affordable floorings, such as laminate flooring, carpeting, vinyl, marble, tiles, and many more. But one that will always stand out is hardwood floorings, which many homeowners are investing in right now. It’s durable, which means you don’t need to do a lot of floor repairs. It makes your home look more elegant and spacious, and it improves your house’s resale price in the future when you’re planning to sell it. Overall, hardwood floors are an excellent investment if you want to enhance your home.

If you can’t decide whether to get tiles, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood floorings – here are some of the reasons why the latter is the best choice. Don’t worry because you will never regret your decision if you do end up with wooden floors!

Importance of Clean Floors

Gives Your Home that Elegant Look

Hardwood floors used to be the go-to for many posh and luxurious homes, aside from marble floors. It gives your house a touch of elegance and warmth, which gives your visitors will highly appreciate. Most homeowners also choose hardwood floors because it makes a small space look bigger. But it will also depend on the type of decor you select.

Incredibly Easy to Clean

Another reason to choose hardwood floors is that they are very easy to clean and low maintenance as well! Just because you chose hardwood floors doesn’t mean you are given a big responsibility to keep them in tip-top shape. In fact, there are many ways for you to keep them looking good, such as dusting, steam-cleaned, or vacuumed. They are also stain-resistant because all you need to do is to wipe them up.

Dirt Build-up on Grout.

Durable Floors that May Last a Lifetime

Many people choose to upgrade to solid hardwood floors because they are very durable and resilient to any damage. Sure, they may suffer from scratches and dents, but the floor itself will not get damaged, and the hard surface will last for decades. As long as you know how to take proper care of your floors, you will see that these are a worthy investment.

You Can Have it Refinished

Instead of replacing your wooden floors, you can have them refinished instead. It’s not like carpets or laminate floorings that you need to take it off and have a new one installed. In addition, the cost of refinishing hardwood floors is lower than buying a whole new flooring and the effort or labor of installing them again. You can change the look of your house without breaking the bank!