Is It Better to Print Business Cards With Color or Just Black And White?

When ordering new business cards, a key decision is whether to print in full color or stick to classic black and white. There are pros and cons to each option depending on your goals, brand and budget.

Full color cards allow you to use graphics, photos and colorful text to stand out. Vibrant colors attract more attention and help convey creativity or energy. Color can also communicate moods relevant to your brand, like eco-friendly green or calming blue. Photos of products, services or team members add visual interest.

However, color cards have some downsides as well. They often cost significantly more to print than black and white. This may put them out of reach for bootstrapped startups or very frequent card orders. The saturated colors and busy designs can also reduce readability of your contact details if not done tastefully.

With black and white cards, you lose the visual impact of color. But limitations can also inspire simplicity and elegance in design. Bold black headers and borders frame content clearly. And the savings on printing costs is undeniable.

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Black and white also offers vintage appeal that fits certain aesthetics, like classic luxury or old-school professional services. This traditional style may better suit conservative industries and clients.

When weighing color versus black and white, consider your overall brand image and target audience. Color cards skew more modern, youthful and energetic. Black and white feels more refined and traditional. Budget is also a practical factor, as color printing has a higher cost per unit.

A compromise is to print your main Metal Business Kards in black and white but use spot color like a bright red or green for emphasis. This draws the eye while limiting higher printing expenses to key accents only.

You can also opt for color on the front, black and white on the back to combine impact with practical savings. Or try color cards as special gifting items, while relying on black and white for regular distributions.

There is no universally superior choice between color and black and white business cards. Aspects like brand personality, clientele and budget will inform the better direction for your specific needs. Whether vibrant or understated, keep the design aligned with your objectives for an optimal impression.