used car:

The advantages of the used car

Lower prices : when a vehicle arrives on the second-hand market, its depreciation has already occurred and it was the previous owner who took charge of it. The most important example is that of the immediate devaluation of the VAT at 22% already at the time of purchase.

Warranty : Many manufacturers cover new cars with major warranties on more expensive components usually for around 5 years/100,000km. If you buy a certified used car from an authorized dealer, you are often entitled to a warranty that extends the original manufacturer’s warranty. It has to be said that certified used cars tend to be more expensive but have also been rigorously inspected before saleĀ used honda in sacramento

Equipment : by choosing a used car you can opt for a larger car with more accessories for the same budget.

Insurance : insuring a used car costs less than a new one thanks to the devaluation and the km already traveled by the vehicle.

When evaluating the purchase of a used car, one often comes across 0 km cars . What are they and what is the difference from used cars? Technically these are used cars because they were purchased in stock by the dealership itself as part of the sales agreements signed with the parent company. Specifically, these are practically new cars with a few (if not literally 0) kilometers on the clock and interesting equipment in terms of accessories.

used car:

The advantages of the new car

Reliability and warranty : there’s no getting around it, new cars generally have greater reliability, and if something goes wrong, the vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Choosing a new car also implies that you don’t possess to bother about how the prior holders dealt with it.

Available Roadside Assist : Many modern automobiles come with roadside assistance packages that cover all sorts of problems.

Financing Offers : Many automakers and dealerships offer low-interest, low-interest financing programs.

Configuration : it is possible to choose colour, engines and accessories to tailor the car to what your usage needs are. New cars also comply with the latest standards in terms of pollution and safety.