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What Is The Slowest Month To Sell A House?

The slowest month to sell a house is October and December. With the holidays either past or around the corner, these months can be especially hard to sell houses. To help combat this, there are some helpful tips at for sellers who want to and need to sell their homes in these months.

It’s not easy selling a house during holiday season. Houses may have been on sale for as long as six months in some cases and buyers’ buying priorities will change over time from family vacations to Christmas gifts when they start looking again in January.

When selling a house in October or December, it may be helpful to be transparent about potential holiday showings and, as much as possible, schedule all showings on weekends. Also, consider advertising that the house will be open for all types of showings during the week between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Christmas season can also cause buyers to take a break from looking at houses. Potential buyers will take this time to go on family vacations or schedule a vacation for next year.

Buying A House

When thinking about listing a house during the holiday season, it is helpful to start advertising the house as early as possible. Potential buyers may be busy at work with deadlines and other projects, so they may not have time to search listings in October and December. If a house is listed in October or November, it could take more than six months to sell – much longer than other months throughout the year.

For sellers and realtors, the key to selling a house in October or December is to be proactive while also being sensitive to buyer’s needs. With an aggressive marketing plan and an open house policy, these months may be better than others when it comes to selling a home.

There are other factors that could come into play for potential buyers’ buying priorities. Potential buyers might want their Christmas shopping done early before beginning their vacation in December or may want to start looking for a new home before their vacation ends. These situations will determine when they are able to search for a new home.

How October May Sell a House

When thinking about selling a house in October, there are many advantages to advertising in September or early October. Potential sellers should start advertising the property early, if possible. This will enable them to start generating interest before the busy Thanksgiving season kicks off – when family may be too distracted to stop by and see homes.